Sunday, 5 October 2008

A Tern around Lyme

This blogging malarkey is a funny old business. I've just finished decorating the bedroom in preparation for an M&S bed and Tempura mattress to be delivered next week. So there was me at 1pm today heading for Dunelm shopping emporium in Weston super Mud to look at bed-linen and rugs. I'd got half way there when a feeling of nausea, depression and fatigue took over me, I just couldn't face it, shopping on a Sunday, yeuck. So turning the car around, a sudden change of plan and by 2.30 I was here..........

........ go on guess where? No, no idea?..... well have a look at this, the clue is in the famous Cliff, the bird and the sea............

Yep my favourite haunt, Lyme Regis. And today because of the dreadful weather forecast of rain and pestilence, it was empty, and there wasn't any rain either. So as I was at the seaside, what did Border do next? A £1.80 double scoop Purbeck ice-cream (scoop each of mint choc chip and Dorset honey - lush!)

So I sat on the Cobb, with my gelato and watched the birds. Bit of an offshore wind blowing today so the gulls were having a frolic and play about in the sky. Always a pleasure watching them, seemed to come a bit close at times though, I hope they weren't after my ice cream!

I feel loathe to show these 2 pictures after the last posting of that stunning Kingfisher, but I am, no matter how bad they are, as they were there so at least a record shot. Never let it be said that Border shirks his responsibility of posting dreadful photographs on his blog for his publics amusement. This Oystercatcher above flew in and wobbled about the rocks, while this rock pipit seemed interested in what was behind a bench. Probably after my ice cream as well, as he seems to be sidling up to me in a furtive fashion.

And then just when I was considering getting some fudge as a pudding after the ice cream mains, this fellah-me-lad flopped down onto Cobb right in front of me. A juvenile Common Tern. Presumably it was a bit exhausted as it just sat there and allowed me to get to about 20 feet away, before it flew off, round in a circle and landed behind me (the second image).

Of course never having been a boy scout, unprepared I didn't have my bins with me, so couldn't get a good look, but it seemed fine, just resting. Behind it I could see a woman walking towards me. So camera poised, I waited and waited and waited for the take off a flight shot........ next stop Africa.

Finally a few mood shots of surfers on the sea. Lyme Bay is not exactly Bondai Beach, but it was providing some terrific sport for the mad devils who were braving the sub optimal sea temperatures today.

By the way the surfer is on the wave mid ground left, in the one above (I was being pretentious and arty with the camera settings)

Crikey mother, what on earth is this poised in the stream? Well dear reader it's a bird. Or more correctly a sculpture of a bird, no idea what other than a bird of prey and one of many installations around Lyme this week for the Lyme Arts Fest.

I just hope it keeps it's talons off my ice cream................!!!!!!


  1. I think your choice was a good one, a bit of sea/nature gazing beats shopping any day! Popped into Asda today to get something I had forgotton...never again, it was full of people with trolleys packed to overflowing and as I stood in the queue I thought I must be barking mad, I should have been walking the Purbeck..
    I really like the 3rd picture down of the birds in the air and the view. Nice blog.

  2. I can't say I blame you for turning around and going to Lyme Regis. What a beautiful spot.

  3. Hi Goosey and Oldcrow, we all have special places to go to, Lyme is mine.

    I have to say Goosey, ASDA doesn't come on that list of, must see places !!