Friday, 10 October 2008

Bristol's wildlife

Just a snippet blog today, as there is an article in today's Guardian by Stephen Moss about a resident Eagle Owl in Bristol.
We were informed of this a week or so, and this lunchtime I'm planning to have a shufty at the little fellah, before he eats any small animals or children. Didn't mention this before as trying to keep the location quiet, but it's now on the public domain. Actually this posting makes me think, Bristol is a fab City for wildlife, maybe a topic for a future posting, bubbling away in embryonic form.

Funnily enough bumped into Stephen at lunchtime, and he mentioned a Grey Phalarope is on Cheddar Reservoir, so that's this weekends birding sorted then. As a postscript, I have now seen the puffball on the ledge, Top bird !! And many thanks for Mr C for taking me to see it.

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