Monday, 11 August 2008

The Speckled Wood Saga

Or as it should be called, juggling jelly, in a gale, whilst riding a uni-cycle. The tale of a wildlife blogger.

Let me explain. Yesterday morning a freshening wind was skirting the garden. The child Reiver was ironing his socks and pants, and all was well with the world as he listened to Will and Ed's sibling squabbles in the Archers.

But being a true wildlife buff, as I put the crease along the middle of a left sock, a Large White butterfly flitted past the window. Too good an opportunity to miss, the ever present camera was out and I was poised. No Large White to be seen. Camera down, pick up iron, crease down right sock, Red Admiral now. Into the garden, off the Red Admiral went. This went on for about 5 minutes, with both the Large White and Red Admiral flying into and out of the garden, but never landing long enough to have a photo taken. Meanwhile my under apparel remained creaseless. But then! A Specked Wood decided to join in the fun, in fact 2 SW's.

Taking a liking for the strap like leaves of an Iris, I snapped this shot. Good rule that, take photo from distance then at least you have a record. But I had to get closer. I moved, it flew off. It landed, I moved, off it flew again. This was becoming a farce, this man of iron will was being mocked by a butterfly. How come in all these glossy Butterfly Books, a pin sharp double page photo of butterflies look fabulous? BR in a small back garden couldn't even get a half descent shot, and the wind was blowing the leaves. These two were taken at x24 and hand held, don't think David Bailey has anything to worry about.

But it was fun, but not as good a photo as I got in June at Sand Point below.

And finally in my last blog entry, I mentioned Julie in the photo was with child. Well last night that child was without. Alexander Christopher, 8lb 10oz, was born at 23.45. Mum and baby doing well apparently. No mention of dad Craig, presumably he's down the pub having a rest. A welcome addition to the Cambois population in the fair county of Northumberland. Congratulations to them.


  1. Creases in your socks! I can't tell you how many times I have chased butterlies in my garden. Chasing the blighters around. Speckled wood's are bad but blimin painted ladies are even worse and as for brimstones (no comment!). Moth course this Saturday morning put on by Steve at DWT (if you are free) let me know if you are interested in coming. Jane

  2. I can relate to your experience with the butterflies. I've been thwarted by many of them. Especially the whites. Following them all over and do they land? No way! Still hopeful though.

  3. Babby just dipped on Golden Oriole and Marsh Warbler on the doorstep this spring...Congrats! :)