Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Return of the Natives

No, this is not a quote from a famous Thomas Hardy tome, but the feel that the early bird's are on the wing, and returning to the Bay. This morning, a swift perambulation along the beach before work. On first getting there it looked a bit desolate, tide was right out, but usual small flock of Starlings messing about on the strand line, Linnets on the wing, and about 100 Black Headed Gulls just loafing about. So I just walked the mile and a half along the sand. Few warbling Curlew and a Carrion Crow with 2 offspring pestering for food were all that was of note. Then I spotted 2 Oystercatchers, first I'd seen for about 3 months, a nice diversion.

Then at the marsh end, a Redshank was faffing about reeds, but that was about it apart from a few more Curlew. Quite disappointing. So with time pressing headed back. Nearly back at the car park, 4 fast flying waders came in from the sea... Dunlin!! One Swallow doesn't make a summer, 4 Dunlins don't make an Autumn, but it's not far away.

Note to self, polish and check telescope.

Unrelated photo of Sand Bay, taken in April, just because I like it


  1. Much as I don't want summer to end ('cause it's not got started yet), it's great to know that birds such as Dunlins are reappearing!

    Unrelated or not, I certainly like it too! :)