Sunday, 20 July 2008

Blues and Twos

Strange title I know and a strange week. Are the moons and planets in polar opposite alignment or something at the moment? Last 10 days have been to say the least interesting for a friend of mine, who in that space of time was made redundant and out the door. Brutal but in a way, allows her to move on. Border Reiver has been doing his HR/Staff Manager but more importantly good mate bit to calm the nerves over the days, and I always think positive things come out of adversity.

So yesterday we whisked off to North Cornwall, for some proper job, sea air, sun and sand. If you come to Cornwall, don't do the crowded south, hit the coastline twixt Camelford and Bude. Top Dollar scenery, and more birds than you can shake a smugglers spotted hankie at. The coast walking isn't half bad either.

Yesterday though was just about a day out to recharge her batteries, and mine for that matter. Helping her, while over the same time the number of people in my office crashed by 80% after redundancies and stress related sickness, the boy Reiver and the one remaining colleague have been fingering the dike continuously over the last 2 weeks to keep it from braking wide open. No more Wednesdays off for me for a while, and this explains the slow down in postings. I need sleep.

But even a non wildlife day brought the blogger out in me. After a few spots of rain, the sun broke through and the painter in me watched as the sea developed the turquoise - azure blue - purple - white colour mix I could have just watched for hours and hours. Incessant movement as an Atlantic Gale blew in, mesmerising. Those of you into seabirds could have watched for hours as they wind-surfed the waves.

Mind you some of the seabirds were a bit soft and preferred to perch inland next to the ice cream shop.

And lets not forget the plants, this Common Catsear clung onto a ledge in full force of the wind. No matter how good a garden designer is, this level of "it works" can never match a naturalised planting of plants finding niches to grow and survive.

And finally, a moth. No I didn't photograph this in Cornwall, but in the kitchen. This Riband Wave Moth (non banded form to be precise)had been on my kitchen ceiling for a whole day, so I thought in the evening I'll release it into the garden. Well sadly I don't know what happened but it slipped out of the egg-box and landed in the washing up bowl. My good Samaritan deed ended in death. So here it is preserved in my memory and the blogging community for ever.

And while I'm on about moths, a fellow blogger ST was kind enough to buy one of my charcoal paintings recently of a moth. He collected it this morning from my parents, and it now resides in sun-kissed Northumberland. Thank you ST.


  1. Border - so sorry to hear about your friend. I've been on both sides of the redundancy desk - not pleasant at all especially on your friend's side.

    I can see why a trip to Nth Cornwall would be so therapeutic though - lovely pictures, beautiful sea colours and I'm relaxing already......

  2. Thanks Tricia, strangely I very rarely go to Cornwall, mainly because of the traffic getting there, but it's always worth the drive