Friday, 21 December 2007

A Christmas Break from Blogging

As of today, I'll only have intermittent access to the internet and therefore the Blog. I'll update it as and when I can, particularly with the NHU Christmas Bird Cup details.

For a few years now the BBC Natural History Unit staff have taken part in a birdwatch between midnight Christmas Eve and Midnight New Years Day. It's just for fun and a way to work off that festive excess. This year I've been "committee'd" along with Messers Moss, Westwood (who saw 123 species last year!) and Dilger, and as a result I seem to be sponsoring this category;

The Andrew Dawes Vase for the Best Intermediate Birder - for those who have entered before but consider themselves relative novices…

So I may have a chance of winning this !! I'll update my ramblings as I can to show a daily tally of the number of birds seen as the week progresses, both in the West Country and Northumberland. Though I'm particularly looking forward to the 28th and spending a day at Lindisfarne Nature Reserve, where many happy Easters have been spent.

And so, to just wish you a Merry Christmas


  1. Hi QS, Sorry I don't know your name! I'm glad you liked my blog and hope you have a good Xmas trip up here. Its absolutely Baltic at the minute here unlike the balmy south west, so wrap up!

  2. Hi thanks for the reply, I'm back south now, much warmer, 3 hours looking for a dipper on the Coquet in sleety rain on Saturday just about finished me off, but 3 seperate nuthatch and 7 goosander made up for a dipped dipper, Still managed to get 93 birds (I think, need to recount later) in 5 days, so not bad. All the best for 2008, Andrew (aka QSW)