Friday, 14 August 2015

August 13th 2015 - Project Month 8

August : I feel the Quickening arrive. 

The seasons move the sun is still hot but mornings can be decidedly autumnal. And so it felt while out photographing the landscape project in early August. That rustle of leaves losing their suppleness in the trees, the absence of screaming swifts across the fields, colours changing as an airbrush of Naples Yellow spreads behind the harvest machine.  Red berries, apples ripening and the season of bounty is upon us. Enjoy, for the seasons darken now as the back end swing into view.

The village photographed at 8.45pm on August 7th, dusk before the watershed

The field and orchard now devoid of sheep but they'll be back I'm sure

The River looking wonderful, willowherb in flower now

Hard to remember how bleak and forbidding this church felt back in January, warm and welcoming now.

I think this is possibly the only decent photograph I've taken of this view

Chocked with vegetation and on the banks the signs of autumn are evident.

For the first time in a few visits the orchard is empty

The Strawberry Line style has been cleared a bit

Cider apples developing well.........

The Bridleway looking the same..........

......... but the barn has disappeared.

...as has the Priory (I blame the sheep)

Sand Bay at the height of the summer holidays (its why I like it - empty)

And yes we did go!

Half an hour later this fold was awash with monochrome bovines

Having started the year as grass, this maize crop is growing rapidly.


See you in September........................

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  1. Great photos with a sense of fast approaching Autumn Andrew. I do like the third photo of the river with the clouds reflecting in the water and the churchyard looks so peaceful slumbering in the sun. Hope you enjoyed the Open Gardens and look forward to the changes September brings :)