Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Recording the sound of the weather

Originally published on my 365-2-50 blog earlier today

It may be a New Year but 2014 has arrived in Wiltshire as it pretty much left 2013 with deluge after stormy deluge playing havoc with us over the Christmas period. Yet another low pressure is sweeping across the Atlantic to batter the West and South of Britain. As I write this there has just been a gust which rattled across the house like an express train.
But this being a new day of a New Year I'm feeling positive and so this morning as the gales picked up I did 3 sound recordings to remember this day by. I absolutely love bad weather and so here they are;
First recording: Outside the house are 2 birch trees, this is the gale force wind through those trees first thing this morning
Second recording: This time as the wind and rain blew outside I wanted to record the sound of rain battering the window in the office, something I have heard many times before.
Final recording: My final recording from New Years Day is from inside the greenhouse. I love the sound of rain on the glass when working away in there, and today with the storm raging it really says wild elements to me.


  1. Oh I loved those clips - not least because I am warm and cosy indoors! Particularly loved the sound of wind in the trees - as you know, not so many trees in Orkney so that is a sound I miss dearly (though not the loss of them in storms...).

  2. Thanks Sian, there's something special about being cosy indoors as the winter lashes the windows. Ahh Orkney may be treeless but they have their own special monaliths in the standing stones and circles

  3. Wishing you all the best in this New Year Andrew.