Sunday, 10 March 2013

Edward Thomas and Burbage On-line

Burbage news is the local (to me at weekends) community initiative. It's a great little paper packed with information and news from this remote part of South East Wiltshire. For a few months I've written a nature article to the paper version, but they have just published an on-line version and on pages 8-9 after calls for articles I helped out with a short story, unrelated to nature.... a ghostly who-done-it.  Complex ending  a few have not understood, but that's the point. I hope you like it. 
I've not written much on the blog recently mainly due to a big work project I'm working on for broadcast over Easter this year. In 1913 Edward Thomas the poet and writer cycled from London to the Quantocks in 'pursuit of spring'. Why he did this journey is complex. Was he escaping winter, was he escaping himself, was he on a spiritual journey? Over the last few months I've got to know Edward Thomas well. He was undoubtedly melancholic, but also one of the greatest observers of wildlife and nature in our literacy heritage, after another major nature writer, Richard Jefferies, who was himself an inspiration to Edward Thomas.
I'll write more soon on this but our nature writing literacy heritage is being forgotten, I hope with this 3 part series to help re-balance this.
Before then here's a link to the Edward Thomas Fellowship


  1. Looking for to hearing the Edward Thomas programmes. Nature is teaching us to not be too hasty to cast a clout this year!

  2. Loved your short story Andrew - very spooky and spine-chilling. I was totally transported to another world and it was a very clever ending.

    Looking forward immensely to the Radio 4 programmes over Easter :)