Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Twit-ter Returns

I've returned after far too long an absence. Back in December 2011 I joined Twitter and for a long time it was a preferred method of communication for me. As I had fun managing the 140 characters, and making new friends, my blog lay unloved and gathering dust. But recently on Twitter as I gained more and more followers, 418 is a good number in 11 months, and followed more people myself I became both deluged with tweets, but more importantly unable to easily to weed out the wheat from the chaff.

I tried to manage this with lists and so on, but eventually yesterday I decided to end the @Wessex_Reiver tweet account and re-created an old account, renaming it @CoquetdaleRaven. 

The other thing with twitter is at 140 characters, saying something of merit was often lost in the need to summarise to the point of incomprehension occasionally. This came to a head at the weekend when I seemed to inadvertently upset someone by having a conversation about wood pasture creation. Again this was due to the brevity of the number of words possible in a singe tweet.

And so, I've returned to my blog and use Twitter to do the hard work. I hope there are some followers still out there and hope the coming months I can provide some interesting posts to you, the reader.


  1. Welcome back Andrew - your blog posts have been sorely missed.

    I can empathise with your feelings about Twitter. I opened an account earlier this year and hardly used it. Then I found it a useful tool over the badger debate and found it all rather addictive (like you my blog has suffered!). I'm now trying to cut down my usage because it is just so time consuming and I seem to spend hours reading tweets and, as you say, trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    Glad you are back on blogger and I love the cartoon :) And I shall still look forward to the occasional tweet from you :)

  2. Oh welcome back! Here's a virtual mug of tea and some cake as a reward ;-) I've missed your blog! I don't "tweet" - brevity is not in my nature! LOL!