Saturday, 11 February 2012

When snows came to Wiltshire

On Thursday night at about 9pm the snows came to Wiltshire. It seems this area had quite a covering, but just a few miles away it was just a dusting. But the child in me never stops getting excited when it snows especially as yesterday was a work at home day. Opportunity then at lunchtime to pop out for half an hour in the car to snap some scenic photos for the blog.........

So at 9.30 pm on Thursday it was snowing quite heavily

By the morning the garden looked lovely and wintry

But this was a work day, so no going out until lunchtime, though these two red kite over the house did distract me for a moment, sadly though they'd moved off before a better photo was possible

Lunchtime arrived, so off in the car for half an hour around the village and the surrounding countryside

Snowdrops in the front garden

Looking towards Wilton windmill from Wilton Road - this field is at the back of the house and offers a regular 40 minutes walk around it if we don't wish to travel far.

A closer look at the windmill, with cover cops adjacent to it if you were wondering

And again above). But nearby some strange natives of this part of Wiltshire came to investigate what I was upto

Looking towards Tidcombe and Wexcombe

East Grafton village, nearly home now and back to work. In the foreground the stream was full of jackdaws, they flew off when I got there, one is still in shot at the top of the bank

Just liked the composition really. these huge lime trees have tree preservation orders on them

A couple of shots of the jackdaws circling about then landing on the trees

East Grafton's church looking lovely in the snow

And finally another scenic shot of the village green

But then it was back to work. However the office window looks over the garden, so in late afternoon this Great Spotted Woodpecker caught my eye, as did the resident pheasant......

....... who then decided to investigate the greenhouse for tit-bits


  1. Love the snow too - wish it would snow in Brittany- have been waiting :-) Have woken up to v.v. cold morning here everything covered in thick white frost which is also v. pretty... off out for a walk with the dog and camera - bon weekend Miranda

  2. We received a dash of snow last night. Hilarious that a pheasant would come into your garden and then the greenhouse. That woodpecker is handsome.It would be quite the distraction for me if I was trying to work at home.

  3. I love the wintry snowy scenes Andrew - you live in a beautiful area. The snowdrop photo is particularly lovely and the pic of the pheasant in the greenhouse is great.

  4. Lovely snowy photos, Andrew. We had it here too. The Snowdrops look so pretty and your 'Wiltshire natives' made me smile. I also enjoyed the GSW and Pheasant shots.

  5. Beautiful snowy scenes. I love the brightness of snow after the grey winter days of low light.
    A great photo of the GS Woodpecker.

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog. I especially liked your second photo showing interesting form and structure. I am always attracted to that in a garden room. Also, goes with out saying it is nice to see the snowdrops. Enjoyed going over some of your past postings. Decided to follow your blog. See you again. Jack