Friday, 11 March 2011

Memory like a sieve..

Back in the dark days of February, I posted a visit to see brown hares in Hertfordshire and I promised to let everyone know when it was to be broadcast. Well I forgot didn't I, and it went out on February 27th, at a time when I know you'll all be up and about, 06.35hrs on a Sunday.

Well all is not lost, as this programme, and others from the series, is available on the BBC i-player - Living World Hares, made by my colleague.

I only say this as I'm now enmeshed in the research for the next round of The Living World and it is the part of the job I love, hunting down new stories and new species which would make a good programme. I can't divulge obviously what is in the pipeline for the next 18 programmes but we'll be recording again soon, hopefully with some blog postings if I can, depending on the sensitivity of the location or subject.

I hope in the meantime you'll enjoy this photo of Molly the cat, which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this posting, but this morning I picked up a new cat flap for her at Argos. It's a rock and roll life in the media, I tell you!


  1. And what a rock star you are, Andrew! Actually, it is very cool and I am green with envy at what you get to do. Keep us posted and let me know when you need a Belize location ...


  2. Awwww, Molly is a darling. Have bookmarked the "Hares" program to read later today.

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Andrew. I listened to it on iplayer earlier and its a great programme - as always with "Living World" you feel as though you are there. Helped even more this time from your blog posting and photos. I found the bit about hare circles really interesting.

    Love the photo of Molly.


  4. Nice to meet you Andrew and thanks for visiting my blog! :-)
    It's good to hear you like the brown hare too. Also thanks for the hare info. I will look out for the programme... Here is some info for you about the Hare Preservation Trust.

    By the way. I Love Molly the cat!
    All the best,


  5. Thank you all, sorry for the block reply but I appreciate all your comments.

    However it seems Molly the cat is gaining her own fan club so I may have to do a blog posting about her soon.....