Monday, 6 September 2010

Sunday afternoon with a 2B pencil

I thought with this posting I'd be a little bit self indulgent and go through a drawing I made over the weekend and the very haphazard unplanned way I work.

Yesterday afternoon I found myself indoors for a change watching the Burleigh Horse Trials on BBC2. I do like a good three day event. Anyway sitting still for more than 2 minutes is difficult for me, but yesterday for the first time in a long while (actually since Good Friday) I unleashed my 2B pencil, some heavyweight cartridge paper, a mug of tea and while watching the TV began drawing.

At the beginning of my drawing I had no idea what to draw, but as a horse jumped over a five bar gate and a fence at Burleigh, I began with a five bar gate, and from that beginning a fence emerged and the makings of a tree.

Onward I went. Filling out the tree and then a link fence, some back ground and then a second tree in the field. At this stage I still planned to do a summer tree, i.e. one that is in leaf. But that never happened, possibly as it was more like winter out there than early autumn.

So now my trees will be sans foliage, what else can I add? How about some rooks !

Yes that's not too bad. It lifts the drawing and gives it movement. Adding some shadows and a few more defined branches at this point I thought yes this doodle is now just about finished. It wasn't meant to be a massively polished drawing, just a sketch really while I watched TV.

And then I broke a golden rule. All paintings, drawings and sketches suddenly shout out to the artist, "stop, please stop I'm finished now". At this point do not fiddle about any more or add anything else. But then I did and added a few more rooks which wasn't too bad, and then in a moment of madness some empty rooks nests in the front tree. And that's where I overcooked the drawing, and yet again I've learnt a valuable lesson in drawing and artwork "know when to stop". And yes if you are wondering I only used a single 2B pencil...... my art comes cheap!

Mind you I don't think Molly was too impressed!!


And one final mention about the Corfe Mullen BioBlitz which happened over the Bank Holiday. We're planning to broadcast a piece from this tomorrow, but Steve Davis from the Dorset Wildlife Trust has written a blog article just now which sums up the day wonderfully

His blog entry is here


  1. What a great picture,I think that is a real talent to have. I think if I were stuck on a desert island I would have to have a pencil and paper with me or I would go mad. I am not as good at drawing as you but it still gives me pleasure. A 2B pencil is an ideal companion for a late summer/early autumn day.

  2. I think it is lovely, Andrew! You definitely have a talent. I have always longed to be able to draw but am not much good at all :(

  3. Hi again Andrew, I completely hear and recognise what your saying. It’s a bit longer since I’ve had a 2B in my hand and trees were my fav subject as a teenager. Must pick one up again one day. Nice drawing, loved reading about your thought process too :-)

    Yep… that overcooking thing happens so quickly! I can do that with cakes too… Lol… I’m referring to the decorating of them not the baking ;-)

    Wishing you a great weekend :-D

  4. Yep, you over did it with the nests, lol. A great sketch before the nests were added. Molly is adorable.

  5. Hi Goosey, Shysongbird, Shirl and Oldcrow. Apologies for not replying individually but your comments are most welcome. And Oldcrow, Molly is happy you think she's adorable - she's enjoying her worldwide fame these days at the age of 12!