Wednesday, 21 July 2010

So what is a Wessex Reiver

Some of you who will read this will remember the other blogs I have had over the years since I began blogging in 2007. (Many of you will still be under strict medical supervision as you recover from that experience). However over time things have changed, I have changed and so have my interests. I've also changed what I wish to write about and put onto a blog.

My original blog began purely a wildlife diary, just chronicling what I saw. Then there was an arts and craft blog which I occasionally used to outline the trials and tribulations of my artistic doodlings. Latterly I began a blog exploring the wider countryside, but that didn't seem to work either, not least because work commitments kept getting in the way. Interestingly I'd never created a blog for my writing, poetry and self expression, something I have let lapse recently and plan to resurrect when time allows.

Which neatly brings me full circle to this new blog, "Tales of the Wessex Reiver". What do I want this blog to be? What is it I'm trying to say? Blogging is inherently egotistical, which is no bad thing in itself. We as authors write our regular updates and hope others read and absorb our thoughts and words. For me blogging does a whole lot more than say texting, Facebook or Twittering as it allows exploration of a concept albeit in a concise way. I blog therefore I am.

So by design, I have no theme for this blog other than whatever interests me at a given point in time; although it will be heavily weighted towards rural Wessex (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire). Counties where I spend the bulk of my idling moments as my middle aged years gallop alongside me. My ambition, for what it's worth, is that over time I can create a personal account of what interests me, maybe even interest you, the reader. If it does, please leave me a comment as I love to know what you out there think of my musings. Something for me to look back on over the years and think..... I was there!!

So what is a Wessex Reiver? Well for nearly 10 minutes I thought long and hard over a cup of tea and digestive biccy about the title for this blog. What did I want to say about the blog and it's content from its title? Initially "A Child Alone" was a front runner, partly as I am an only child myself, but also as the title of a favourite autobiography of mine about the writer BB (Denys Watkins-Pitchford 1905-1990). But something told me that wasn't right. Using somebody elses words doesn't come easily to me.

And then it came to me as the digestive detached itself from the main body and plopped into the tea, I'm from "up't north" where the Border Reivers come from and have lived in Wessex since 1993. Could I combine the two? I text'd my idea for a title (The Wessex Reiver) to my soul mate, editor and partner Julie. She immediately text'd back saying she liked it, but suggested a slight change "Tales of a Wessex Reiver". And that was a perfect title as it conveyed what I was trying to put across in a title, but failing to come up with myself.

So Tales from the Wessex Reiver it is then........


  1. You're still a joy to read even with the name change, lol. Congratulations on the new blog.

  2. Thanks Oldcrow.... I hope to keep up the momentum.... well with my size it's hard to stop ;-)