Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I'm still here - just

Just the briefest of notes to apologise for not being on the blog, so to speak, for the last few weeks. Work has taken me away a lot and I've also got my house on the market. At the weekend I plan to post a summation of various things, in the meantime a brief hello to two friends of mine who joined myself and a friend on a canal trip recently!

Difficult to add any more, after seeing these two, without incriminating myself further ............


  1. You're so funny. I was wondering what happened to you re: no posts.

  2. How cute are those friends, Andrew!

    Canal trip, such a great way to see the country.

    We'll be waiting...

  3. Whoops! I forgot to update you and have been wondering why my sidebar says you haven't posted for over two months!!

    I enjoyed catching up and was particularly wowed by your watercolours, I actually thought the first one was a beautifully arty photo at first...great stuff!

    I thought about you when they showed the Choughs on Autumnwatch yesterday!

  4. I am glad you have been having fun with your pals...that's what life is all about...good luck with the house-sale :)

    Come and see my footage of the Greylag geese and the Whoopers and Bewicks in my area... :)