Sunday, 10 May 2009

Malvern Spring Garden Show 2009

Last year I began then abandoned a gardening blog. I abandoned it purely due to lack of time as after wildlife, gardening is my next passion. Therefore just to redress the balance, a gardening posting today.

A purchase of mine - Allium "purple sensation"

I've been coming to Malvern on and off for 20 years, and it's always a good show. This year however things were a little subdued, with fewer show gardens and those there smaller. And actually I preferred it that way, as the gardens made more sense to the average gardener.

What I have also realised is that I forgot to make notes which garden was which garden, so the following half a dozen photos are just "gardens", the images taken because I liked the subject, and usually as there was an emphasis on movement, which is what I always like in a show garden.

This garden was just a riot of colour. Didn't seem to have any theme to the planting, but it worked for me.

I loved this garden for it's simplicity. Built for a Hospice, the steel pole in this image was actually a tree, the leaves of which contained the names of the people in the Hospice.

Your man Joe Swift with a chicken.... the one on the right had literally just laid an egg on stage.

This was a great simple garden, but the sculpture made it for me. I hunted out the metalworker on his stand, he had some fab pieces, at fab prices too. Good for inspiration though.

Just loved this edging, an end to the photos.


  1. Love that Allium, Andrew!

    Lovely to see the photos of Malvern flower show.... I spent 2 years in Malvern when in the UK - loved it. Loved walking the Malvern Hills.... and visiting the Foley Arms and lovely pubs.... actually I barmaided at the Foley Arms :) Very happy memories :)

  2. I've never been to Malvern (yet), but may get there one day, so thanks for sharing the photos. Always inspiring to see what's going on and get some ideas, what's new in the plant world, etc. I like the borders in the "riot of colour" garden,r eally pretty, those. Thanks.



  3. I enjoyed looking at the gardens. Thanks for sharing your visit.

  4. Andrew these are great... as you say a lovely sculpture and some other nice ideas too from the other pictures - visiting gardens is a great way of getting inspiration - even if you take one small idea from each! We're currently awaiting lots of rain this end... so might get more time for blogging this week :-) - have a good week - Miranda

  5. The Allium is beautiful. The gardens are wonderful.

  6. Hi Andrew,

    Loved your different posting. Looks like you had a good time at those gardens

  7. Hi Gilly, I didn't know you had been across in the UK, and I have to say Malvern is just a lovely spot to spend your 2 years. I don't know that pub, but next time I'm there, I'll search it out.

    Hi MrsL, glad you liked the riot of colour image. Very hard to get the feel of a show garden from just one snap.

    Glad you liked the posting Midmarsh John.

    Hi Miranda the rain has arrived here with a vengance today (Wed), can't believe it was so beautiful yesterday. The gardens need it though!!!!!

    Hi Oldcrow, yes I like Alliums. My cousin in Ontario was trying to garden at the weekend, the ground is still frozen. Too cold for me!

    Thanks Joe. always good to post something different I think.

  8. I was born in the UK actually, Andrew... Scotland... and my parents came out here when I was a youngster. Went back in 1975/76 and had 2 years working there and tripping around. Loved it all.... one day I will make it back again... one day, when I don't have any animals :)

  9. Hi, do you possibly have any more photos of that first garden with the brick pond (or even better still knw who it's by). I caught a very quick glimpse of it on tv and think it's the answer to a particular garden,
    Sallybramald at gmail dot com

  10. Hi Gilly, good to piece together and hostory of the bloggees. I guess the move to NZ was the the right one.