Friday, 17 April 2009

My 200th Post - Easter Bird Tally 48

Would you believe it, this is my 200th posting on this blog. Looking back I'm amazed at what I've written. Many people have said to me what I write is quite frankly........ unbelievable!!

And who am I to dispel the myth. And so to my Quicksilverbirds Easter Challenge results. There is still time to submit your entries, not as many compared to Christmas, but every one counts. But to get the ball rolling herewith my 48 species while not really doing any birding; drum roll please Mr Blackbird (who squawked his way through Easter non-stop in my parents garden, what a racket as they built a nest in the Holly Tree)

Good Friday 10.04.09

Parents Garden

1. Blackbird
2. Song Thrush
3. Collard Dove
4. Goldfinch
5. Wood Pigeon
6. Carrion Crow
7. Blue Tit
8. Dunnock

Houghall / Durham walk

9. Chiffchaff
10. Great Tit
11. Wren
12. Tree Sparrow
13. Magpie
14. Great Spotted Woodpecker
15. Green Woodpecker
16. Nuthatch
17. Robin
18. Mallard
19. Mute Swan
20. Herring Gull

Easter Saturday 11.04.09

Parents Garden

21. Jackdaw
22. House Sparrow
23. Starling
24. Rook
25. Skylark – singing overhead
26. House Martin

Herrington Park near Penshaw Monument

27. Canada Goose
28. Coot
29. Moorhen
30. Tufted Duck
31. Black Headed Gull

Boldon Flats Nature Reserve

32. Grey Heron
33. Wigeon (only two left)
34. Curlew
35. Lapwing
36. Chaffinch
37. Greenfinch
38. Yellowhammer
39. Pheasant
40. Wheatear (2)
41. Linnet
42. Teal
43. Snipe

Easter Sunday 11.04.09

44. Mistle Thrush – parents garden
45. Kittiwake – Newcastle Quayside

Easter Monday 12.04.09

Driving back south

46. Swallow – near Thirsk, North Yorkshire
47. Goldcrest – Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire
48. Buzzard – A46 in Leicestershire (my only Bird of Prey)

Quite interesting what one can see by really not looking, if that makes sense, as I was socialising a bit too much. Top spot had to be the Tree Sparrow at Houghall Farm, another one of those, always double check a LBJ, as I'd assumed it'd be a House Spuggy. Also the pair of Wheatears at Boldon Flats, which I spied just as I was about to get into the car and did a final sweep with the bins. A distinct lack of Birds of Prey though, in fact if I hadn't got that Buzzard at 7.30pm on the way home, I'd have had nowt.

I'll leave you with this photo of Leopard’s Bane Doronicum orientale which grows like a weed in my parents garden in great drifts. Nice and colourful way to end this posting.

I'll post all the results on Sunday Evening, once I'm back from Dorset.


  1. Makes my paltry 20 odd look a little slim, but agree the tree sparrow probably the top spot in your list

  2. Sorry I didn't join in with the challenge but I was on my way to Conch Key in the Florida Keys. Not many birds in Heathrow airport! Great post. Well done on your 200th! You don't look a bit over 21...

  3. Wow, what a lot of birds you've seen. I like the leopards bane. I only have a small bunch. It must be gorgeous when seen in drifts.

  4. Thanks for the comments

    Alan as i've always said it's the taking part not the numbers which are important.

    Jane, how kind, mind you I look a bit over 21 these days when in front of the mirror in the morning.

    Oldcrow, I agree, it's a simple soul of a plant but gives a fabulous splash of colour