Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Flying back with the Swallows

Sunday 29th March, I saw my first 2 Swallows of the year at Sand Bay. I was down there having the last of my holiday sunshine following my mini break in Jersey.

Thank you to all those of you who commented on my first flight and sent best wishes. I made it up, down and back, and after all these years being worried about flying, I loved it. Even if we were in a Prop-job in a force 6 gale going out, more like being on a roller coaster than a plane coming into land at Jersey Airport, but I have to say even that hasn't put me off...... watch out World, the boy is on the move.

So a quick photo-blog before work

My first ever plane, we made it down in Jersey so a memorial photo from Arrivals Hall

Himself at 17,000 feet, looking as cool as a cucumber !!

If you look closely there's a Turnstone on that rock.... just above the water.

There were Brent Geese everywhere on the southern coast.

The following photos are from Durrell Zoo, which Celebrated it's 50th Anniversary the day AFTER we were there!!

Very Endangered Blue Poison Dart Frogs

A smart fellah-me-lad, an Asian Fairy Bluebird

Alexandra posing for his next Compare the Meerkats.com advert

A couple of ladies we met for lunch..... leeks for starter

And lets not forget my favourite group of animals, the otters, this was a very obliging Asian Short-Clawed Otter, who came up and posed for the camera - showoff

And then the female came along and started juggling pebbles. I love otters, great fun.

And for those of you who know about Baxter, the well travelled bear, here he is being comforted by the Great Gerrald Durrell.

Back to the scenic stuff

Gorey Castle - this was my favourite part of the island

The boy doing a bit of Dolphin watching, sadly none were seen but a school of 100 Bottle Nosed are resident in these waters.

Rozel Bay - I fell in love with this tiny village, and could have moved there on the spot, it was beautiful, peaceful and the sea was an indescribable turquoise green.

An arty shot from Bonne Nuit bay...... more pink gravel that one can shake a stick at.

Bye bye Jersey, Corbiere Lighthouse off the headland..... I only need to do Alderney now and have all the Channel Islands on my tick list. We'd just taken off and I know I'll be back very soon........... watch out you dolphins, I'm coming to find you.


  1. Welcome back Andrew, I thought about you and wondered how the flying went more than once.
    Seems like it was a fantastic time away. The frogs looked an incredibly vivid colour and I loved the Otter pics.

  2. Nice set of pics Andrew. Welcome back to the real world!

  3. Congrats on your trip, Andrew! Well done you :-D

    Just a few words to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Must dash I've some Champagne being poured! Cheers... and good health to you :-D

  4. Hi Shysongbird, thank you for your thoughts. Jersey was pretty good and well worth a visit to Durrell Zoo if you're over there any time.

    Thanks Warren

    Thanks Shirl and Happy Birthday to you too.